Shower screens

When we carry out a service to your shower we always remove the shower screen. This ensures that the joints underneath the screen frame and waterstop angle that you can’t see – are correctly sealed up.

Most shower screens can be removed & re-fitted to service your shower – If you don’t have the screen removed it won’t be sealed correctly & you’ll be wasting your money.

We also remove as much of the mouldy, old silicone from the shower screen, walls and floor. 

Preparation is key to fixing leaking showers & making them look pristine when we’ve completed your service.



The wall/floor tile joints are carefully die grinded with a diamond tipped bit – the old grout joints are mechanically removed with care and prepared prior to the sealing process

We also try to remove as much calcification build up from your floor tiles and grout joints. 



The perimeter wall/ floor joints are injected with our commercial grade Epoxy.

We only use Epoxy floor grout on every shower that we service.(Epoxy grout doesn’t wash away over time like cement based grouts, doesn’t discolour or stain & is highly flexible)

We use a 4in1 additive in all our wall grout (this strengthens the grout & makes it more durable and less prone to mould & mildew.



After the sealing process & re-grouting has been completed we install the shower screen & apply Sealflex around the screen & inside the shower recess. 

Your freshly sealed shower will be ready to be used in 24hrs or 48hrs if you have your floor grouted with Epoxy grout.

Extended Shower Sealing Service

This includes removing the shower screen – removing the old mouldy silicone from the shower screen & wall and floor joints.

Removing the wall OR floor grout & die grinding the wall to floor joints.  

Applying the commercial grade Epoxy to the wall to floor perimeter joints

Re-grouting the wall tiles with a 4in1 additive – this strengthens the grout & makes it more durable 

Re-installing the shower screen & applying new Sealflex to the shower screen.

In most cases your freshly sealed shower will be ready to use in 24 hours.